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Create the right vibe through music for your commercial space.

Find that perfect sound  for your brand.

Communicate to your crowd and make the whole customer experience richer + connect with your target audience.

RECORDING and MIXING (studio or location)

Over 20 years experience recording, mixing and producing music.

Record and mix at my studio space for a budget oriented price.

Professional-sounding recordings at your own rehearsal space, garage or living-room?


Recording and producing a fun, unique podcast can be a challenge. Finding the right recording setting, the right music, etc is an art in itself and I am happy to help:

- choose best set-up

- record and mix

- creative input (music, transitions)

- legal advice about usable music

Marko Roca

I have been active in the music space for over 25 years, ever since I first signed a record contract (I was 17 at the time).

From that point on I've had a real 360ยบ experience within the music industry, with a deep understanding of almost all of its aspects: from studio recording to publishing, from label management to live event production, from DJing to booking, from radio hosting to PR - I've done it all and on a high level.

This is the main reason why I started Adam and Liza Music: to share all my experience and help independant and creative-minded people.

Specialised in:

  • Music supervision
  • Sonic branding
  • Recording & mixing (studio or on-location)
  • Podcast production
  • Music production

Have a look at my LinkedIn profile for more info about my career and etc.

Thank you.